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Computing for "Mere" mortals

Modern technology isn’t just for the technical, the savvy, or the young. Your PC Guru has been helping everyone get the best from their home technology for over 15 years.

Over the years we have become experts at explaining what is happening, keeping the technical jargon to a minimum, and focusing on keeping everything working for you.

Even the simplest fix can make a huge difference, if you don’t know the answer the question is never stupid. In short, we want to help you, not patronise you.

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Sent an urgent plea for help to Your PC Guru on Bank Holiday, within two hours they had arrived at my house, diagnosed and rectified the problems I was have with my broadband. This was after Vodafone spent two days telling me that BT Openreach would have it working within 48 hours. The incredible service from Your PC Guru meant that my wife who is an NHS Key Worker (Yes this was written in the midst of Covid-19) was able to continue working from home and hold invaluable video conferences. Would highly recommend Your PC Guru to everyone. Brilliant Service, Amazingly Responsive & Really Friendly

Scriv86 Design

Many thanks for checking out and advising on various security issues. I have now reorganised Google Chrome bookmarks and have it all under control. Much better. And despite TSB saying that their online banking is incompatible with Google Chrome, it actually is compatible as you suggested. Good to know that there is someone available to sort out problems which I can't deal with myself. Regards, Alan Pickard

Alan Pickard

Great IT technology company for computer repairs and other techie things.

Jean Churchill